To build a free, healthy, and high-quality local food supply

We take the initiative to propose solutions for sustainable food production through self-sustaining natural ecosystems, which require minimum maintenance and care but produce an abundance of high-quality food and natural life. Such Food Garden Systems can provide individual food independence or support entire communities or housing compounds. Such food-producing ecosystems will also bring environmental sustainability and regeneration of a good clean atmosphere and air.
We are also working on interior urban solutions to be integrated into urban kitchen life for small-scale productions.

Synth Asia China

We believe that healthy, unprocessed, high-quality, and natural flavored food is the basic foundation of a healthy body and mind. It is one of the very foundations of the joy of life. It is also many cultures of the world’s core element where generations of a nations’ population have inscribed their creativity into the taste of their nation’s recipes. Such flavors are peoples’ eternal script that passes through the generations providing health and happiness to every generation every generation again.

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What better country to discuss the culture of food than China? There is no other country where the food as an element of culture, creativity, region, flavor, and tradition is larger than in China; a culinary learning experience for which one lifetime seems insufficient. Our YOW team is proud to assist the planning of self-sustaining food-producing ecosystems and concepts in any context, culture, and individual setting.

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Synth Asia China

In conjunction with our American partner FFA, we can plan microsystems in urban settings, private outside spaces for individual families, or support architectural planning for entire housing compounds or even cities. We strengthen local communities within a harmonious society with these projects and contribute to a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment.

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