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When our founder came to China, he was clearly there to learn and not to teach. In his view, such should be the attitude of any traveler and guest. We, the Chinese colleagues, could see the admiration and love that he developed for the Chinese culture and people. He frequently insists that his time, especially his extensive traveling in China, was the most intense and richest experience of his life. He is also very proud and thankful for the privilege to be allowed to play a small part together with us, the Chinese colleagues, to build the economic and educational miracle of the PR China.

Based on this attitude of cultural curiosity and interest, it was not hard to build our unique company culture; strongly rooted in the Chinese culture and business habits but has brought in some meaningful flavors of Germany and Europe.

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We have all learned and keep on learning from our working partners in the healthcare industry and providers, we try to understand their local business and social culture, maintain open and transparent communication and cooperation with partners and official institutions, integrate local customs and habits in our overall blend of cultures, and maintain respectful but relaxed and pleasant functional relations with all our partners. Our employees work with partners and service clients with interest, and we are all devoted to delivering outstanding operational performance in all our locations. Yet, we never forget the human factor and the principle that good business relations are rooted in a value-adding aspect for each stakeholder of any transaction.Only under the guidance of this very Chinese set of values ​​will we be able to let our SynthAsia family prosper and continue to contribute to a flourishing society of the PR China.


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Synth Asia our culture


True to one’s word and firm in one’s actions.


Join the hands, share the future.


Change leads to solution and becomes